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Nello Pazzafini




Nello Pazzafini (15 May 1933 – 27 November 1997) was an Italian actor who appeared in a very large number of gladiator movies and Spaghetti Westerns. He was an ex-bodyguard and often played a “tough guy” character.

Born in Rome to a family of Ferrara origins migrated to the capital. From a young age plays a large number of activities including football, has also supported a trial in Bologna in the early ‘50s, and bodyguard.

Pazzafini strike with numerous appearances in Mythological films before, Western and Polizziotteschi as the first stunt, then as a character and became an icon thanks to its characteristic features bronze and hard face and “bad”. The part that has reached the general public is universally Fantozzi with Paolo Villaggio, in which he plays the leader of that massacre forced the accountant and his Bianchina.

He died in Rome’s Ostia in 1996. On that occasion, Steve Della Casa devotes an entire episode of transmission Radiotre Rai “Hollywood Party… read more


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