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Larisa Shepitko


“Any interference by society in an adult’s personal life will be extremely dangerous until society itself becomes ideal. But in the ideal society interference in personal life will obviously be unnecessary.”



After studying in the workshop of Dovchenko and Romm, Shepitko graduated from VGIK in 1963. After an impressive diploma work (Heat) she directed Wings, a complex character study that eschewed cliche to depict the emotional gap that develops between a proud, professional woman and her estranged daughter. Though praised by critics, Wings received only a limited release by Soviet authorities. Her next project was a short film for the omnibus Beginning of an Unknown Era called “Homeland of Electricity”. Produced by Mosfilm’s ill-fated Experimental Studio, it was shelved by censors and wasn’t released until after Shepitko’s death. The high point of her career came with Ascent, which won the Golden Bear at Venice in 1977. After dying in a tragic accident in 1979, her final project, Farewell, was completed by her husband, Elem Klimov, using her script. —Seagull Films 


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I've been watching Wings and The Ascent. It touching and move your heart very very hard.

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Lorna Singh


I've seen only one of her films. 'The Ascent' is one of the most powerful war films ever.

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Shepitko passed away on this date (June 2) in 1979. Rest in peace.

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Ally the Manic Listmaker


Where is the short Nachalo nevedomogo veka/The Onset of an Unknown Age on MUBI? It's on youtube:

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