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Tapan Sinha




Tapan Sinha was born in 1924 in Kolkata. He graduated with Physics major from University of Calcutta. Sinha began his film career as a sound engineer in Calcutta’s New Theatre studios in 1946. Four years later, he received an invitation to London film festival and an opportunity of working in Pinewood Studios. He was in UK for two years. After his return to India, Sinha’s attention went to film direction. He was influenced by American and British film making. Tagore was a great source of inspiration to him and he made three films based on Tagore’s stories : Kabuliwala, Hungry Stones (Khudito Pashan) and Atithi.

Tapan Sinha’s first film Ankush was based on Narayan Gangopadhyay’s story ‘Sainik’. In 1957, his film ‘Kabuliwala’ was shown in Berlin Film festival. He has won National award many times and was awarded the prestigious Dadasaheb Phalke award. His films were shown in different film festivals all over the world. He was married to actress Arundhuti Devi who passed away in… read more


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