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Gladys Brockwell


[On the musical scores provided for her films] “I’m going to write my own music hereafter. And a man who ‘passes it up’ in favor of the ideas of his own musician is going to get a personal letter from me, with my opinion of him written in red ink.”



Gladys Brockwell (September 26, 1893 – July 2, 1929) was an American actress whose career began during the silent film era.

Born Gladys Lindeman in Brooklyn, New York, she was the daughter of a chorus girl who put her on stage at a very early age. By the time she reached her middle teens, she was already a veteran and taking on dramatic leading roles. She made her East Coast film debut in 1913 as Gladys Brockwell for Lubin Studios and within a short time was starring in a number of films. Developing her craft, Brockwell moved to Hollywood where she earned herself an important role in the acclaimed 1922 version of Oliver Twist and in The Hunchback of Notre Dame the following year.

Never one of the glamorous leading ladies, by the mid 1920s she was past the age of thirty and although still given top female billing, Brockwell performed mainly in supporting roles. Regarded as one of the finest character actresses of the day who not only adapted to the new talkies but excelled… read more


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