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David LaChapelle


“My pictures are about getting as far away from reality as possible. Dreams should be part of our everyday life.”



“I am presenting a selection of works that best portray the consistent themes I have been exploring throughout my career – from some of my earliest works that were shown during the 1980’s in New York galleries, on through the 15 years I spent while working for magazines.
This time my objective was to document America’s obsessions and compulsions using publications as a means to reach the broadest possible audience. I was employing “pop” in the broadest sense of the word. I was photographing the most popular people in the world to the marginalized always attempting to communicate to the public in an explicit and understandable way. The images were always meant to attract, not alienate. Inclusion has always been the goal when making these pictures, and continues on in the newest works that will be exhibited.
The difference between the works I did as a photographer for hire and the most recent is that I’m freed from the constraints of magazines. The work has not only been liberated… read more


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