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Larry Jordan


“I make films in the surrealist manner forcing inspiration as often as possible. When I am not inspired, I do not make films. I have always wanted to show the 'impossible' in my films, and to astonish the viewer, rather than entertain or tell the truth. ”



Fantastic landscapes of the mind is what makes the unique work of San Francisco animator Larry Jordan so compelling. With a taste for nostalgic romanticism for intricate turn-of-the-century illustrations, Jordan creates a magical universe of work using old steel engravings and collectable memorabilia. His 50-year pursuit into the subconscious mind gives him a place in the annals of cinema as a prolific animator on a voyage into the surreal psychology of the inner self.

Born in Denver, Colorado, in 1934, Jordan was introduced to filmmaking by Stan Brakhage, one of the pioneers of American experimental film. As classmates, they began to investigate the possibilities of filmed “psychodrama,” a form of free-association using dream imagery. One of Jordan’s earliest films, One Romantic Adventure of Edward (1952) uses erotic visual references assembled in the style of the then in-vogue classic school of “Russian montage.” Brakhage made his acting debut in this film and both… read more


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Picture of Edwin N

Edwin N


I do carry a symbols dictionary each time I want to view any of his shorts, but they are deductively enthralling and captivating .. Especially 'Masquerade'.

Picture of Weaving Wave

Weaving Wave


Larry Jordan is addictive. First it seemed just interesting, but later I began to miss his world, images and mood, found myself recreating something like that in my brain against real background of city bustle - soothing, sometimes even transcendental.

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