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Jackie Curtis




Curtis was born in New York City to John Holder, Sr. and Italian-American Jenevive Uglialoro. Curtis spent part of his life living and performing as a man (sometimes adopting a James Dean persona) and sometimes as a woman. While living and performing in drag, Curtis would typically wear lipstick, glitter around the eyes, frizzed-out red hair, and ripped and torn dress and stockings. This unique style, a combination of trash and glamour which Curtis pioneered in the late 1960s when frequenting such high profile nightclubs as Max’s Kansas City, has prompted assertions that Curtis inspired the “Glitter rock” or “Glam Rock” persona of the 1970s.

“Jackie Curtis is not a drag queen. Jackie is an artist. A pioneer without a frontier”, Andy Warhol said of his associate. Primarily a stage actor, Curtis debuted at the age of 17 in Tom Eyen’s play Miss Neferititi Regrets. Curtis began to write his own plays immediately after this experience, often featuring famous transsexuals, such as… read more


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