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Anatoli Solonitsyn


“Anatoli Solonitsyn was a born film actor, highly strung and suggestible. It was so easy to infect him with emotions, to achieve the right mood.” [Andrei Tarkovsky]



Anatoly Alekseyevich Solonitsyn (also ‘Anatoli’; Russian: Анатолий ((Отто)) Алексеевич Солоницын; 30 August 1934, Bogorodsk – 11 June 1982, Moscow) was a Soviet actor.

Solonitsyn is best known in the west for his roles in several of Andrei Tarkovsky’s films, including Dr. Sartorius in Solaris (1972), the Writer in Stalker (1979), the physician in The Mirror (1975), and the title role in Andrei Rublev (1966). Indeed, it was Tarkovsky who “discovered” him. In his book Sculpting In Time, Tarkovsky calls him his “favorite” actor, and writes that Solonitsyn was intended to play the lead roles in each of his films Nostalghia (1983) and The Sacrifice (1986), but died before their production.

In the former Soviet Union he is also well known for his roles in Telokhranitel/The Bodyguard (1979), At Home among Strangers (1974) and many others.

In 1981, he won the Silver Bear for Best Actor at the 31st Berlin International Film Festival for his role in Aleksandr Zarkhi’s film… read more


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Howard Orr


A brilliant actor. All my favourite actors have what could be called "integrity", and Solinitsyn had it in buckets.

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Samuel Cogrenne


I think this great actor deserves a photo and a quote on his page.

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