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Tariq Teguia


“I’m everywhere a stranger, always strange. An alien in Algeria because of the cinema, but also in Europe.”



Tarik Teguia was born in 1966 in Algiers. Philosopher and artist by training, he teaches art history at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Algiers, he directed with his brother Yacine a short film and then went to Paris where he was assistant photographer Krzysztof Pruszkowski. In 1996, his photographic work created material for a first short Scrap Waiting, followed in 2002 by Haçla (Closing). His first feature film Rather Than Rome was ahuge success at the 2007 Venice Film Festival and hailed the birth of a great filmmaker. In 2008 Teguia directed Inland which again was previewed at the Venice Film Festival and it was nominated for the Silver Lion.— africapt-festival 


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