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International Film Festival Rotterdam

  1. Too Early, Too Late

    Too Early, Too Late

  2. San Clemente

    San Clemente

  3. Garden Quarrels

    Garden Quarrels

  4. One Man's War

    One Man's War

  5. The Other One

    The Other One

  6. Pinkel


  7. The Other Side

    The Other Side

  8. Your Garden Plot

    Your Garden Plot

  9. The Waves

    The Waves

  10. Before the Battle

  11. The Distance to Nearby

    The Distance to Nearby

  12. Transes, Reiter auf dem toten Pferd

    Transes, Reiter auf dem toten Pferd

  13. Forty Deuce

    Forty Deuce

  14. My Dinner with André

    My Dinner with André

  15. Pilotens hustru

    Pilotens hustru

  16. Documenteur


  17. Le Pont du Nord

    Le Pont du Nord

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  18. Silvestre


  19. Francisca


  20. Tales of Ordinary Madness

    Tales of Ordinary Madness

  21. Agatha et les lectures illimitées

    Agatha et les lectures illimitées

  22. A Letter to Freddy Buache

    A Letter to Freddy Buache

  23. You Are Not I

    You Are Not I

  24. L'homme atlantique

    L'homme atlantique

  25. The Territory

    The Territory

  26. Eijanaika


  27. The Outsider

    The Outsider

  28. The Tyrant's Heart

    The Tyrant's Heart

  29. Reporters


  30. Travelling Warrior

    Travelling Warrior

  31. Outside In

    Outside In

  32. Between the Sun and the Moon

  33. Wadi


  34. Frohes Fest

    Frohes Fest

  35. East 103rd Street

  36. Dream On!

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