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Seville European Film Festival

  1. Min far Toni Erdmann
  2. American Honey
    Best Cinematography

    American Honey

  3. The Son of Joseph
  4. Mysteriet ved Slack Bay

    Mysteriet ved Slack Bay

  5. Mimosas
    Special Jury Award


  6. I, Olga

    I, Olga

  7. Staying Vertical
    Best Director

    Staying Vertical

  8. Heartstone
    Ocaña Award


  9. Godless
    Best Film


  10. Orange Colour Days

    Orange Colour Days

  11. The Sun, the Sun Blinded Me
    Best Film

    The Sun, the Sun Blinded Me

  12. The Album
    New Waves Award

    The Album

  13. Marisa in the Woods

    Marisa in the Woods

  14. Paradise! Paradise!
    New Waves Non Fiction Award

    Paradise! Paradise!

  15. The Objects of Love
    FIPRESCI Jury Award

    The Objects of Love

  16. Un billete a Nunca Jamás
    Best Short Film

    Un billete a Nunca Jamás

  17. Daydreams
    Honorary Giraldillo


  18. Keeper