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À propos de Nice

Instrueret af Jean Vigo
Frankrig, 1930
Avantgarde, Dokumentar, Kortfilm


Jean Vigo was twenty-five when he made this, his debut film, a silent cinematic poem that reveals, through a thrilling and ironic use of montage, the economic reality hidden behind the facade of the Mediterranean resort town of Nice.

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À propos de Nice Instrueret af Jean Vigo


Although the primary inclination of Vigo was Marxist, in agreement with the ideological tendencies of his age, the film remains an exceptional portrait of indolence in modern society. Almost 100 years later we still live in a world increasingly affected by war, unemployment and poverty, a reality that nonetheless remains discreetly hidden under the carpet by the illusion of a global democratic society…
December 17, 2013
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