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An American Romance

Instrueret af King Vidor
USA, 1944


Czech immigrant reaches America in 1898 and rises to success as the ideal American man with ideal American family.

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An American Romance Instrueret af King Vidor


Vidor isn’t concerned with the specifics of Steve’s background—we’re never told which country he hails from, leaving Donlevy twisting in the wind, accent-wise—nor does he care overmuch that his hero’s brilliant ideas all involve speeding up production at the expense of safety. Luckily, his leading man brings humor, warmth, and bemused charm that lend the broadly conceived character specificity, and his piercing blue eyes (no enhancers needed) register pain in the rare moments of setback.
July 01, 2017
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It’s hard to pin it down as simply one thing: the ultimate immigrant tale, a rags to riches story that underlines the assimilation required for social mobility in a capitalist society, or a dramatized charting of the surging industrial backbone of the United States throughout the first half of the 20th century (complete with invaluable doc-like footage of busy mines and factories). [It’s] one of the few films that really captures the sense of an entire life.
February 16, 2015
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