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Basic Instinct

Instrueret af Paul Verhoeven
USA, Frankrig, 1992
Thriller, Mysterie, Krimi


An unstable police detective in San Francisco investigates a string of homicides involving an ice pick but ends up falling for the main suspect, a seductive novelist whose recent book also features a killer who uses an ice pick to murder their victims.

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Basic Instinct Instrueret af Paul Verhoeven
History might unkindly consider Basic Instinct a film suspended in time, a product of its zeitgeist, marked by its controversies. But if ever there was a Hollywood film that celebrated a genuine spirit of not giving a fuck what people think, this is it.
June 22, 2017
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Returning to Basic Instinct two decades afterward, I still cannot fully embrace the film’s strenuously (deliberately?) awful dialogue, written by Joe Eszterhas, who also scripted Showgirls. But Basic Instinct’s sympathies are more complex than they might at first seem: However sinister Sharon Stone’s Pacific Heights–dwelling, ice-pick-killing authoress may be, she remains infinitely more appealing than Michael Douglas’s overweening detective.
November 08, 2016
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The film is certainly rife with moral and sexual ambiguity; if Verhoeven seems to be upholding certain narrative rules of the classic American noir, he’s simultaneously subverting (even satirizing) others. How often do we get to see a woman like Stone’s Catherine Tramell: free to fuck both men and women as she pleases, (possibly) murder people, successfully publish novels, outsmart the male cop chasing her, and get off scot-free?
October 28, 2016
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  • dionysus67's rating of the film Basic Instinct

    A worthy tribute to Hitchcock's legacy. Tinged with Verhoeven's own obsessions with transgressive sexuality, it manages to fuse sexism and feminism into an undifferentiated amalgam of fear and eros, the former palpably felt in Douglas' terpidation, the latter perfectly controlled in Stone's vain beauty. There are great set-pieces (e.g. the night club dance scene) and although manipulative it's nonetheless gripping.

  • Palmat's rating of the film Basic Instinct

    What was once a daring and steamy sex driven thriller has today become quite vanilla or even quaint. However, that does not hamper the movie's noir heavy plotting and mood which is a joy to behold even though your have to suspend belief accordingly. Stone and Douglas are perfect in their roles but lets not forget Tripplehorn who balances her character with aplomb. Photo and score are beyond classy! Great movie!

  • Richmond Hill's rating of the film Basic Instinct

    Reappraising this after a few years' absence it actually wears it's venal vulgarities with a contagious swagger. Utter twaddle but it knows where it's going and proceeds there over the speed limit using the highest lead fuel possible. This high octane cheek is sadly missing from much contemporary mainstream cinema. Goldsmith's gorgeous score is silkily sly.

  • msmichel's rating of the film Basic Instinct

    25 years later Verhoeven's take on the American thriller is still an adrenaline rush of sex, perversion and murder. Jerry Goldsmith's now classic score drives the film as does Verhoeven's audacity in drawing performance and making use of a very Hitchcockian San Francisco. The controversial elements have long since dissipated leaving a strong thriller behind despite its third act problems from writer Joe Eszterhas.

  • HKFanatic's rating of the film Basic Instinct

    Very likely the platonic ideal of the erotic thriller. Jerry Goldsmith's sweeping score and the gorgeous San Francisco scenery link the film to Hitchcock and add a touch of class. The script turns the noir trope of the anti-hero on its head, portraying Michael Douglas' character as an unrepentant sleazeball: a trigger-happy cokehead, presumably grieving his wife's death, just looking to get off before he's offed.

  • Addy K.'s rating of the film Basic Instinct

    This is Verhoeven painting in very broad strokes, projecting his fetishistic desires and gender ideas onto a Hitchcockian canvas. As always, his iconoclastic, frenetic directorial style exceeds plot and even actors. It's easy to talk about Sharon Stone (physical perfection in 1993), but the real surprise is Michael Douglas' raw, unhinged moral cretin who answers only to his basic instincts. Stunning cinematography.

  • Mark Garrett's rating of the film Basic Instinct

    On the periphery of Verhoeven's satirical genius, he's got an undermentioned strong sense of craft. With this one, and Showgirls, he's filmed some of the sexiest stuff on film, the characters vehement cat-like sexual advances just like the roundelays of Sharon Stone's tongue against Douglas' wide-eyed desire to believe in her innocence, but only so he can keep fucking her, while he slowly adopts her attitude himself.

  • Dave's rating of the film Basic Instinct

    Felt like a mixture of Hitchcock, De Palma, and Ferrara...but I never thought it reached the heights of any of those at their best. The dialogue was snappy and entertaining, but things ultimately got too "bestseller mystery novel"-ly for me. 3/5.

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