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Billion Dollar Brain

Instrueret af Ken Russell
Storbritannien, 1967
Drama, Thriller


Secret agent Harry Palmer, on a simple delivery mission to Finland, stumbles upon a covert operation to destroy Communism that’s run by a renegade American Army general.

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Billion Dollar Brain Instrueret af Ken Russell


Ken Russell’s film of BILLION DOLLAR BRAIN, deliriously wacky though it is, is actually closer to Len Deighton’s source novel than the previous movies in the Harry Palmer series, apart from the ending. . . . Russell & McGrath get through exposition joyously — Caine is discomfited by nudity in the first section, then lounges in a bubble chair looking fatuous with a cigar while Dorleac drones tunelessly on a cello and Billy Williams’ camera soaks up Syd Cain’s design.
June 22, 2017
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