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Breaking News

Dai si gin

Instrueret af Johnnie To
Hongkong SAR, Kina, 2004
Action, Krimi, Drama


When an ambulatory TV news unit live broadcasts the embarrassing defeat of a police battalion by five bank robbers in a ballistic showdown, the credibility of the police force drops to a nadir.

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Breaking News Instrueret af Johnnie To
The director wastes no time proving his chops in this film, opening with a seven-minute, single-take crane shot that roams over a city block as police move to confront criminals and a shootout ensues. Breaking News foregrounds the fundamental musicality of To’s direction by doubling the narrative as a media comment on itself…
April 22, 2015
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An unmatched craftsman of choreographed action and suspense, To is at the top of his game here: his use of cranes, zooms, dollies, depth-of-field, and shifting perspectives is nothing short of dazzling. But what makes this movie such a goddamn masterpiece is the way it also functions as a grand statement of artistic principles—a film about how images work, what makes them exhilarating, and how they can be manipulated. Simply put, one of the great movies of our time.
April 13, 2012
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The crime thrillers of Hong Kong director Johnny To are not only action packed but smart, and this 2004 feature about a botched heist is full of vibrant and intriguing characters… Peppered with moments that are both sad and funny, this ends with a media-savvy twist.
February 01, 2006
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