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Bringing Up Baby

Instrueret af Howard Hawks
USA, 1938
Komedie, Romantik


In this iconic screwball comedy, a paleontologist at the Stuyvesant Museum of Natural History tries to woo a wealthy benefactor into donating a million dollars to the museum but must deal with the benefactor’s niece, a flighty heiress, to secure the funds.

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Bringing Up Baby Instrueret af Howard Hawks
Possessed by an overwhelming sense of comic energy, Howard Hawks’ screwball masterpiece heaps on misunderstandings, misadventures, perfectly timed jokes, and patter to the point that it’s easy to overlook how rich and fluid it is a piece of filmmaking, effortlessly transitioning from one thing into the next.
February 11, 2016
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The enduring fascination of this 1938 screwball comedy is due to much more than its uproarious gags. Having already helped to launch the genre, the director Howard Hawks here establishes archetypes of theme and character that still hold sway…
September 23, 2013
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Much like Hawks’ frequently comic (and yes, dark) Scarface… in which Paul Muni is the front and center murderous, oddly lovable loon, Baby offers a rejection of how one should conduct oneself in supposed “regular” society, both in living lives with “dignity” (Oh, Grant and that colorless potential marriage) and how one persuasively woos a suitor (is stalking OK? It is with Kate Hepburn), that the picture remains downright radical.
May 30, 2013
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