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Call of Heroes

危城 | Wei chen

Instrueret af Benny Chan
Kina, Hongkong SAR, 2016


During the warlords era in China, a village located in rural area called Pucheng fell into dangerous situation when its government allocated all its military force to the front line, the cruel commandant Cao from the enemy troops arrived the village and killed the innocent.

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Call of Heroes Instrueret af Benny Chan


Benny Chan has been doing this kind of thing since he started directing wuxia serials for TVB in the mid-1980s… He’s a perfectly capable genre director, but it must be said that his visual ideas lack flair and personality. The best creative work here has gone into the characterizations, especially Shaolun’s slightly effete villainy and Ma Feng’s laidback vanity and charm. That, and of course Sammo Hung’s action choreography, most of it performed live, without CGI assists.
October 07, 2016
A dauntless sheriff and a roving bladesman defend a city under siege in “Call of Heroes,” a solid, muscular action period film with an apt if overstated political allegory. Hong Kong action blockbuster director Benny Chan (“The White Storm”) gamely riffs on Westerns and samurai films, while Sammo Hung’s sinewy action choreography is a glorious throwback to the rustic vigor of Shaw Brothers films of the ’80s.
August 19, 2016
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  • HKFanatic's rating of the film Call of Heroes

    After a string of critical failures, Benny Chan - once considered the great hope of Hong Kong action - appears creatively rejuvenated with 2016's stellar "Call of Heroes." Chan combines a "Seven Samurai"-esque storyline of righteous villagers fighting an immoral army with a Spaghetti Western soundtrack and good old-fashioned Shaw Brothers-style martial arts. The result is, simply put, a damn good time at the movies.

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