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9 Bedømmelser


USA, 2016
TV Series, Drama, Mysterie


A forensic neuro-psychiatrist who reluctantly gets sucked into a violent and dangerous world of mistaken identity, police corruption and mental illness. Two seasons, and 20 episodes in total.

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Chance Instrueret af Lenny Abrahamson, Daniel Attias, Michael Lehmann ...

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  • Wee Hunk's rating of the film Chance

    If you ignore the psychobabble, it's a pretty good series, with lots of intriguing character development. Hugh does his growly non-specific American accent that he perfected on House, and he is a much more believable character than in 'The Night Manager'. Ethan Suplee is perfect as D, a man you'd want in your corner if things got really bad. Loved the SanFran vibe as well.

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