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Chronically Metropolitan

Instrueret af Xavier Manrique
USA, 2016
Komedie, Drama


A cynical and clever coming of age film about first time novelist Fenton Dillane, who, unannounced returns to New York City to confront his family, his ex-girlfriend and a few lingering childhood fears.

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Chronically Metropolitan Instrueret af Xavier Manrique

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  • Evan Schafer's rating of the film Chronically Metropolitan

    This is, by all definitions, a "New York" film. The vibe screams Manhattan, but it's an element that works to the advantage of the grandly dysfunctional cast. I sense that people who have not grown up in such a family environment will not understand the subtleties of the humor, but I got every little sarcastic flair and even the more somber moments. It will either move you or it won't, but you'll quickly see why.

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