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Cinema Novo

Instrueret af Eryk Rocha
Brasilien, 2016


Dette dokumentariske essay udforsker en af de vigtigste kulturelle og politiske bevægelser i Sydamerika i løbet af den generation af instruktører, der tæller bl.a. Glauber Rocha Nelson Pereira Dos Santos, som skabte en ny filmkunst ved at blande kunst, politik og kritik med sandhed og æstetisk mod.

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Cinema Novo Instrueret af Eryk Rocha


This is not a film for note-taking—its purpose is not to itemize, but to incarnate. Yet you will leave the theater with enough information in your head to start exploring on your own. (Vidas Secas by Pereira dos Santos might be a good place to start). And you’ll want to, as the documentary has a deep resonance beyond its historical subject matter.
November 18, 2016
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The film truly endeavours to capture the spirit and substance of a genre that swept a nation five decades ago. The result might be the type of offering made in the editing suite, with ample kudos merited by Renato Vallone, but it’s also 96 minutes of cinematic immersion. For those who couldn’t be there to experience it for themselves, this really is the next best thing. If only all primers on important chapters in film history could be this evocative.
May 16, 2016
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If the interviews help to somewhat illuminate what exactly the Cinema Novo was about, Rocha makes little effort to build a chronological or thematic analysis, and viewers unfamiliar with the movement will have a hard time figuring out the basics: when it took place, which movies were the major ones, what was going on in Brazil at the time. The director either assumes one knows this already or simply doesn’t care, letting the archive footage speak for itself on a purely aesthetic level.
May 16, 2016
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