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City of Industry

Instrueret af John Irvin
USA, 1997
Krimi, Drama, Thriller


Lee Egan lures his older brother Roy out of “retirement” with a sweet jewel heist, only to get killed by a backstabbing partner; then it’s up to Roy to get revenge.

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City of Industry Instrueret af John Irvin


The narrative somewhat resembles those of The Searchers, Hardcore, and other films that concern a descent into a netherworld to exact a sense of fleeting closure and clarity. The violence is clipped, gross, authentically upsetting, and allowed to sully Roy as he reconnects with an inner monster while maintaining a haunting sense of what might pass in some circles for innocence. Irvin and Keitel invest a familiar story with precise and intimate pulp grandeur.
October 08, 2017
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Critics didn’t make much of City of Industry at the time, and it barely made off with an eighth of its budget. But right now, I bet critics would trade everything on the release schedule for one satisfying, confident film like City of Industry a month.
March 01, 2016
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