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Instrueret af Monte Hellman
USA, 1974


Frank, played by Warren Oates, is an obsessive participant in cockfights, “a player playing for the sake of the game, an idealist challenging fate even though he knows he will never win and never be able to change his destiny.” (Olaf Möller)
(Also known as Born to Kill.)

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Cockfighter Instrueret af Monte Hellman


Hellman embraces, with visual nuance, a world of back roads and forests, grim motels and ramshackle arenas, and he approaches the intricacies of the subculture… with a cool Hemingwayesque moralism. Oates wordlessly works wonders with a repertory of arch gestures, and the cast, including the existential icon Harry Dean Stanton and the faded stars Troy Donahue and Millie Perkins, keeps the tension high with compressed energy and minimal exertion.
September 15, 2017
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In COCKFIGHTER, the accommodation of the commercial and formal strains is rather more complex, involving interaction as well as co-existence… Working in a genre that is every bit as conventional and predictable as the private-eye story, Hellman comes up with something much closer to genuine absurdism than Polanksi’s cocktail party cynicism.
November 01, 1974
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