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  1. Mtume Gant's rating of the film Cosmopolis

    Cosmopolis is a failure of form. There are complex ideas being played with that in moments are displayed cinematically, the whole section with Samantha Morton is absolutely stunning but the rest of the film isn’t developed as a cinematic experience at the level of the ideas that Cronenberg is exploring through the conversations, thus conversations always feel alien and disconnected.

  2. djamanning's rating of the film Cosmopolis

    A very cold film that manages to string enough events through the day to offer a glimpse behind the unmoving mask.

  3. VincentVendetta's rating of the film Cosmopolis

    There may be more technically proficient movies out there, but there isn't a single other film that said more about the 21st century than this one. Cosmopolis may not be a horror film, but in hindsight, it is now David Cronenberg's most upsetting work, simply because it's the one that came true, the one that reached cyber-capitalism's current ideal of transhumanism. We are now this vampire feeding on information.

  4. Adam Laurence Pitt's rating of the film Cosmopolis

  5. Inteleter's rating of the film Cosmopolis

    Liked this quite a bit more the second time around. Pattinson and Giamatti are both great even if the latter's role is somewhat limited. This time I was also quite interested in the dialogue. Even though the film is a bit weak when it comes to plot the writing and performances were enough to keep me interested throughout. 3.5/5

  6. Robert H's rating of the film Cosmopolis

    The free-thinking narrative and society of blunt and verbose characters certainly isn't new, but works spectacularly well as there are many interesting obversations and intellectual commentaries which will take another viewing to really grasp. Pattinson suits the role well and I enjoyed the whole spin on how an unexpected failure can lead to such catastrophic perspective.

  7. Christofi Cotonou's rating of the film Cosmopolis

    It's a radical centrist opinion. Yes, Capitalists can be awful, soulless people. But those who object to them can be irrational, jealous and irresponsible. That becomes very clear by the finale. I agree the first two-thirds are more interesting as a continuous dialogue. The final third must have been better in DeLillo's head.

  8. innersmiff's rating of the film Cosmopolis

    An anti-capitalist tract depicting nobody in the real world, where characters' dialogue is only tangentially connected to what the previous character spoke. A student film with a budget.

  9. Joao Domingues's rating of the film Cosmopolis

    Maybe my driver should come in... so that I can experience that thing that I keep hearing about ... normal human life

  10. goulton green's rating of the film Cosmopolis

    In a scale of a Greek tragedy magnificent.

  11. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film Cosmopolis

    It will send some viewers to sleep, I am sure, but there are plenty of details to take in here, and I suspect Cosmopolis may be a Cronenberg film that rewards repeat viewings (even though you may be unlikely to want to rush back to it).

  12. Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film Cosmopolis

    A hard film to sit through as we follow a leading character that has become so robotic and obsessed with technology and money that even sex makes him emotionless and is only there as a distraction. He only obsesses about his wife because she reads "old books" and don't give him what he wants. The film point a finger against Capitalism and the people in it but the movie never manage to give true depth to it.

  13. Juanjo Aznar's rating of the film Cosmopolis

  14. Mistral Orhan Jean-Pierre Contrastin's rating of the film Cosmopolis

    It looks very cool and the message is in-your-face, but what it is says is neither new nor it adds any meaningful insight.

  15. smndvdcl's rating of the film Cosmopolis

    Re-rating. Cronenberg's DeLillo prescient adaptation depicts how the clinical intelligence of neoliberal fundamentalism leads to dystopia. In contrast to Ellis' 'American Psycho', the focus is less on the metaphorical violence of the system and more on how it breeds solipsistic disconnection. 'Cosmopolis' is an indictment on these times, identifying how the minutiae of pattern recognition forgets the asymmetrical.

  16. Boldizsar CR's rating of the film Cosmopolis

    This is a brilliant film. I remember walking out of this when first tried, but now I sticked and highly enjoyed it! Very prophetic of things happening right now. DeLillo is a genious

  17. anwoody's rating of the film Cosmopolis

    The premise of the film is intriguing and reminded me of The Swimmer in its economy of setting, metaphorical and physical journey and sense of inevitable demise...but I struggle with Cronenberg. He doesn’t make engaging films. It dragged on forever with tedious long-winded and meaningless dialogues and an ending which disappeared up its psycho babbling ass. Or maybe that was the point. Anyway it didn’t do it for me.

  18. J.J. 'Jake' Gittes's rating of the film Cosmopolis

    This is a strech-limo ride meandering to nowhere... and during this everything & nothing happens. It's a convoluted tale about the excesses of human psyche & capitalism. The dialogues are chewy & difficult to digest. Cronenberg is trapped in his sterile intellectualism and Cosmopolis quickly becomes repetitive & tiresome and boring like hell.

  19. _shalashaska_'s rating of the film Cosmopolis

  20. hemachandra's rating of the film Cosmopolis

    the third act of this film is a HUGE miss

  21. misu's rating of the film Cosmopolis

  22. Rafael Fonseca's rating of the film Cosmopolis

    It might be during the scene where Robert Pattinson hugs, weeping, the big, "retro-nigger" (sic) credited as "Kosmo Thomas" regarding the death of the "Sufi rap star" "Brother Fez"(a "dissapointing" "let-down" of a natural heart failure)- whose music Pattinson has in his "elevator" - that Cosmopolis, (an Oliveirian movie from another dimension?), makes its case against Mulholland Drive being the 21st century film.

  23. spasmolytic's rating of the film Cosmopolis

    A mixture of Patrick Bateman, Elliot Rodgers, Martin Shkreli, Mark Zuckerberg, over the top bullshit navel gazing wooden dialogue, unintentionally bad acting and a hint of Cronenberg. That almost makes it sound interesting, but it's not. It's garbage.

  24. Reynaldo Goulart's rating of the film Cosmopolis

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