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Crew Cut

Kort Amerikaans

Instrueret af Guido Pieters
Holland, 1979


Leiden 1944. Erik van Poelgeest is a frustrated artist. As a child he was a scar that was always visible because he was forced to wear his hair short. Now he has medium length hair to hide the scar. He has an employment in Germany to prevent Erik hiding in Leiden and paints lampshades.

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Crew Cut Instrueret af Guido Pieters

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  • kartina obskura's rating of the film Crew Cut

    some scars are more infectious than diphtheria. a diagram from outer to inner (or vice versa) resembles the one from individual to collective. it´s not the gravity that holds the world, it´s colors. and here they are like a poison, spreading through the air and the windows to the pores, a decay (followed by music for both golden chariots and rotting coffins) of a self-absorbed obsessive violent existence and its

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