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Instrueret af Ingmar Bergman
Sverige, 1946
Drama, Romantik


Nelly, 18, who lives with her foster mother in a quiet provincial town, is shaken by the sudden arrival of her birth mother. The latter eventually takes Nelly to Stockholm where she is courted by her biological mother’s decadent lover, receiving a crash course in corruption and wrenching heartbreak.

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Moderhjertet Instrueret af Ingmar Bergman


Caught up in studio politics, Bergman raged on set, and his decision to continue filming the night a grip fell from some scaffolding and was hospitalized did not endear him to the crew. The film is confident and, at times, ingenious.
October 12, 2018
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Crisis was an important stepping-stone toward artistic individuality, as well as the crucial first meeting between the director and Sjöström, a major influence on Bergman’s career and a true father figure, who would later iconically play Professor Isak Borg in Bergman’s masterpiece Wild Strawberries (1957).
March 26, 2007
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