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Cut-Throats Nine

Condenados a vivir

Spanien, 1972
Western, Drama, Rædsel


Seven prisoners are escorted to a prison by a soldier and his daughter. All the prisoners are chained to one-another. In a fight with some bandits they lose their wagon and horses and a long journey through high, snowy mountains awaits them.

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Cut-Throats Nine Instrueret af Joaquín Luis Romero Marchent


The practical FX and vicious gore have contributed to the film’s reputation as particularly “brutal,” as the already sadistic characters are underlined by their committing acts of on-screen violence not seen in westerns at the time. However, the more alluring imagery and hallucinatory flashbacks situate it more in a Lucio Fulci (although it predates his best films) context rather than a purely exploitative one.
February 18, 2018
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