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Day of the Outlaw

Instrueret af André De Toth
USA, 1959


Brutal Army officer Jack Bruhn leads a band of violent, renegade cavalrymen running roughshod over the denizens of a far-flung township in this gritty Western directed by André De Toth.

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Day of the Outlaw Instrueret af André De Toth


A masterpiece of disequilibrium and the starkest of black-and-white widescreen Westerns. Bertrand Tavernier’s passionate reflections on the film, delivered to camera, include his reasons for calling the film Dreyeresque (an adjective I’ve applied elsewhere to William A. Wellman’s 1954 Track of the Cat). I can see what he means, but I’d like to offer as a counter-proposal the fact that Day of the Outlaw could be described as a very Hungarian Western…
December 20, 2016
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A wintry Wyoming, shot in black-and-white by Rio Bravo’s Russell Harlan, is warmed a touch by the script’s tenderness toward even its most minor characters, whose only hope of survival is Robert Ryan’s cowboy-cuckoo. He picks at the knot of a delicate bind, which Alexander Courage’s stentorian score yanks tighter and tighter, ratcheting up the tension of De Toth’s last Western.
May 20, 2015
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There are strict rules to their mortal gamesmanship, and the director, André De Toth, films it with a stark, unflinching frankness. The brutality rises to a fever pitch in an improvised dance where the gunmen whirl frightened, vulnerable women around a makeshift ballroom with a crude abandon that conveys their ugliest intentions. A decisive showdown in the wild plays like a slow-motion feast for cannibals.
January 01, 2010
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