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Dead or Alive 3

Dead or Alive: Final

Instrueret af Takashi Miike
Japan, 2002
Sci-Fi, Krimi, Thriller


The ace cop of a totalitarian police force and a drifting android play their parts in a post-apocalyptic society. They are destined to fight. Their encounter will change them forever.

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Dead or Alive 3 Instrueret af Takashi Miike


Both [of the Dead or Alive sequels] have moments that are often staged in single takes that savor the superb performances and landscapes, which are rendered with docudramatic vividness… In Final, Aikawa’s robot tells a woman that he loves her, and she regards him with glances that are at once explicit and opaque, suggesting the ecstatic emotional wealth of the unsayable.
April 15, 2017
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