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Death Warmed Over

Death Warmed Up

Instrueret af David Blyth
New Zealand, Australien, 1984
Rædsel, Sci-Fi


A kid is hypnotized by a scientist to kill his parents and ends in a mental institution. As a grown up he returns to seek revenge over the scientist.

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Death Warmed Over Instrueret af David Blyth

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  • msmichel's rating of the film Death Warmed Over

    82m edit A young man is injected with a drug (during a homoerotic shower at a hospital!) that causes him to murder his parents and wind up in an insane asylum. That's just the first fifteen minutes before we jump 7 years later when he goes after the doctor who is now presiding over mutations in his private island hospital. Yes, the film is nuts. After a promising setup however it goes all downhill from there.

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