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Instrueret af Rainer Werner Fassbinder
Vesttyskland, Frankrig, 1978
Drama, Fantasy


Hermann, a Russian emigre owner of a failing candy factory, is fed up with his plump wife and has developed a habit of dissociating himself from his body to the point that he can watch himself make love. Confronted with the Nazi rise to power, he ultimately works out a lucrative murder-suicide.

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Despair Instrueret af Rainer Werner Fassbinder


Fassbinder films life in the cosseted class as a masque of glass and mirrors, replete with alluring deceptions and suave surfaces that belie volcanic passions. In the crude and vulgar beauty of a society on the edge of violence, Stoppard’s ping-ponging witticisms freeze in the air with a ballistic grimness.
November 10, 2014
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