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Instrueret af Jacques Audiard
Frankrig, 2015


A Tamil fighter, along with a woman and a child posing as his wife and daughter, flee war-torn Sri Lanka and land in a Paris suburb blighted by drugs. They barely know one another, but try to build a life together.

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Dheepan Instrueret af Jacques Audiard

Priser & festivaler

Cannes Film Festival

2015 | Vinder: Palme d'Or

BAFTA Awards

2017 | Kandidat: Best Film not in the English Language

For all our hand-wringing… there are not many new European movies that take on the point of view of the outsider like this, with an air of seething apprehension. That’s the film’s ultimate political salience, in the sense of realigning the culture’s default ideas of itself, of seeing what we have wrought, the fringes of our globalized reality, as an inevitable, ever-expanding territory of the proles. Realism can do this, particularly in the hands of a filmmaker like Audiard.
May 23, 2017
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The movie is an extension, and in some ways a combination, of the narratives in A Prophetand Rust and Bone. As with A Prophet, the hero of the story is an outsider, both his immediate surroundings and in France generally, who gradually takes back his agency by exacting revenge on people who’ve wronged him. And like Rust and Bone, Dheepan is a melodrama in which sudden plot shifts mirror the tumult of the protagonists’ situations.
June 09, 2016
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There’s a hallucinatory aspect to the film’s sense of time. Multiple shots are framed in darkness only to reveal an animal or person slowly coming into focus. Audiard wants these moments to have a profound visual impact on the viewer, to build mood out of obscured and dreamlike imagery. Yet it has the opposite effect, instilling a sense of artificial tunnel vision in an otherwise gritty worldview.
June 07, 2016
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