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Double Indemnity

Instrueret af Billy Wilder
USA, 1944
Thriller, Krimi, Film noir


Walter Neff, en forsikringssælger, og Phyllis Dietrichson, den ulykkelige kone til en rig oliemand, begynder en farlig og ulovlig kærlighedsaffære. De laver en perfekt plan til at myrde Phyllis’ mand og derefter få forsikringsfordelene.

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Double Indemnity Instrueret af Billy Wilder

Priser & festivaler

Academy Awards

1945 | 7 nomineringer inklusiv: Best Picture

New York Film Critics Circle Awards

1944 | 2 priser for andenplads inklusiv: Best Actress



It achieves what all great art aspires to do—it creates a universe of its own. Is such a universe naturalistic? To some extent, I suppose, although that is not the point. Rather, what’s evoked is a moral landscape, in which we slip between stark polarities: identifying with the characters, their longing and their damage, while also recognizing their downfall, its inevitability, as a cautionary tale.
December 28, 2016
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The “walk of a dead man” (“I couldn’t hear my own footsteps”) points to Sunset Blvd., the nettlesome blabbermouth on the train’s observation deck is a feint taken up by Robbe-Grillet. “Do I laugh now or wait ’til it gets funny?” Variations and tributes left and right (Cronaca di un Amore, The Prowler, Body Heat, The Man Who Wasn’t There) can’t blunt the sting of Wilder’s acidic noir benchmark.
July 20, 2015
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Wilder’s astute direction of the crooked lovers amidst darkness and asphalt echoes is a film phenomenon that will reign supreme for decades to come.
July 30, 2014
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