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Fassbinder: To Love Without Demands

Fassbinder: at elske uden at kræve

Instrueret af Christian Braad Thomsen
Danmark, 2015


Rainer Werner Fassbinder was probably Germany’s most significant post-war director. His swift and dramatic demise at the early age of 37 in 1982 left behind a vacuum in European filmmaking that has yet to be filled, as well as a body of unique, multi-layered and multifarious work.

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Fassbinder: To Love Without Demands Instrueret af Christian Braad Thomsen
It’s the rarest of portrait-films: in addition to being a crucial addition to the critical and biographical record, it’s a cinematic experience in itself, a work of art that can stand on its own as a movie. If Fassbinder were no real person but a fictional character created by Thomsen, the film would endure as a deeply imagined, fierce, and graceful drama.
April 28, 2016
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Thomsen’s is a confused, partial, awkwardly constructed tribute that is an interesting addition to the mass of commentary on Fassbinder, but hardly the ideal way in for non-initiates of a filmmaker whose reputation has more than once since his death seemed in danger of slipping off the canonical map.
April 27, 2016
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Thomsen’s narration, which does not refrain from using “I,” occasionally lapses into fatuous editorializing; he leans too heavily on the Oedipus complex to explain his legendary pal, for example. Yet his opinions never overshadow his film’s greatest asset: direct access to RWF’s own thoughts in the last thirteen years of his abbreviated life.
April 26, 2016
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