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Instrueret af Lenny Abrahamson
Storbritannien, Irland, 2014
Komedie, Drama, Musik


Frank, the leader of an avant-garde pop band, wears a large artificial head. While on a UK tour, they encounter Jon, a young musician who is recruited to the lineup despite his lack of talent. Frank and Jon will try to work out their differences while preserving each others’ artistic freedom.

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Frank Instrueret af Lenny Abrahamson
The film, co-written by Peter Straughan and Sievey’s former bandmate (and author in his own right) Jon Ronson, revives the character only to reimagine its backstory significantly. The resulting film is often inspired—an ultimately moving portrait of an artist conflicted about fielding an audience, and an impressively sustained look through the keyhole at how genius works.
August 13, 2014
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Fassbender turns out to be strangely perfect for the part. Not unlike Tom Hardy, who had to spend practically almost all of The Dark Knight Rises with most of his face covered, he can work wonders with his sheer physical presence — not just with how he moves, but also with how he stands still. Frank at times seems like a dynamo of random, freewheeling energy, and other times like a puppet, waiting to be moved…
August 15, 2014
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Frank is the ultra-stealth, anti-Begin Again. Whereas the latter mocked commercial formula while hypocritically sticking to one, this movie upends seemingly traditional elements to explore them through an oblique lens. It is itself a bit of a disarming, resurrected Humpty Dumpty—an oddly endearing collection of disparate pieces put back together again as an abstract artwork.
August 11, 2014
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