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Instrueret af Ron Howard
Storbritannien, Frankrig, 2008


Nixon remained silent on his removal from office. One summer in 1977, he agreed to sit for one all-inclusive interview with David Frost. What resulted was an honest exchange between a man who had lost everything and another with everything to gain.

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Frost/Nixon Instrueret af Ron Howard

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Academy Awards

2009 | 5 nomineringer inklusiv: Best Motion Picture of the Year

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  • Matt Burgess's rating of the film Frost/Nixon

    I guess its technically accomplished for its genre and well acted (especially from Frank Langella) but let's face it this is safe, television-level storytelling with simplistic characterization but just pseudo-intellectual and talky enough for the deluded masses to be pleased with themselves for having suffered through a "serious picture".

  • Richmond Hill's rating of the film Frost/Nixon

    To convey an impression or merely impersonate? A decision for anyone when playing a real person. Plenty of decisions to make here with two high profile central characters (and a few other minor ones too) amid a real event. It’s distracting that we get a mix of both approaches with Langella providing a sense of one man (complexity on his side) and Sheen just impersonating the other (glibness not on his).

  • Christopher R. Smith's rating of the film Frost/Nixon

    Excellent fact-based drama manages to be riveting both intellectually and emotionally - with strong characters and smart writing by Peter Morgan, who adapted the screenplay from his play. Superb performances all around, with Frank Langella as the beleaguered ex-president particularly memorable. Director Ron Howard has crafted an intelligent and engrossing film that effectively recreates an era.

  • VincentVendetta's rating of the film Frost/Nixon

    It cultivates the fantasy that American democracy shall be saved by network entertainers, by the Colberts, Stewarts, and Oliviers of the world - and we all know ten years later how well that turned out! Frost/Nixon isn't cinema, it is television through and through, reducing politics to a simple game of communication, carelessly doing the exact same mistakes of its protagonist. Ron is just looking for a good show.

  • lbunuel's rating of the film Frost/Nixon

    This is such a disgrace that calling it academic is seriously overrating it. Ron Howard is the quintessentially conformist filmmaker - a hack if there ever was one.

  • Alvise Narduzzi's rating of the film Frost/Nixon

    Un soggetto difficile per una storia così nota che la sceneggiatura difficilmente sarebbe potuta scampare dal baratro della prevedibilità, ma ciononostante la regia, il corpo attoriale e la cura dei dettagli sono decisamente di buonissimo livello. Una storia politica a prova di inesperti, dove i dettagli complessi sono stati sapientemente smussati, per ottenere un risultato finale godibile da chiunque.

  • Kyle Knapp's rating of the film Frost/Nixon

    Silly, slight, presentational, sitcommy, superficial, formulaic, and lame. Perhaps there could be a way to make this story seaworthy, but Peter Morgan and the toothless Howard are not the men for the job. This film needed to take a huge step either in the direction of comedy or drama, because where it stands it's either a farcically insubstantial drama or a woefully unfunny comedy. Frank Langella is the man, though.

  • Vanessa Caswell's rating of the film Frost/Nixon

    I'm not usually interested in political drama films. I often find them boring. But when you have a bunch of talented individuals & an interesting piece of history, I can certainly pay attention. supporting performances were good, Sam Rockwell is always predictably entertaining to watch.Michael Sheen & Frank Langella were excellent! They were compelling, layered & like their real-life counterparts. Good one Ron Howard

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