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Get Out

Instrueret af Jordan Peele
USA, Japan, 2017
Rædsel, Thriller


It’s time for a young African-American to meet with his white girlfriend’s parents for a weekend in their secluded estate in the woods, but before long, the friendly and polite ambience will give way to a nightmare.

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Get Out Instrueret af Jordan Peele

Priser & festivaler

Academy Awards

2018 | 3 nomineringer inklusiv: Best Picture

2018 | Vinder: Best Original Screenplay

Independent Spirit Awards

2018 | 4 nomineringer inklusiv: Best Male Lead

2018 | 2 vindere including: Best Feature

Village Voice Film Poll

2017 | Vinder: Best First Feature

2017 | 4 nomineringer inklusiv: Best Director

The new elements of the exchange gain power from the context of a familiar set up. Just as the immortal line late in the movie, “You know I can’t give you the keys, right babe?” has an inevitability that makes it all the more terrifying. The audaciously frank ideas delivered in classical packaging make “Get Out” the most ingenious construction of all the nominees.
February 28, 2018
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I’d say that no screenwriter in 2017 did more while working from scratch than Peele did. . . . Get Out’s script privileges character and situation over allusion; its greatest moments of recognition are rooted in lived, rather than viewed, experience.
February 19, 2018
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For me, there are only three kinds of films — good, bad and occasionally great. “Get Out” is made with the finely honed precision of a master. It transcends genre, as do “Psycho,” “Alien” and “Rosemary’s Baby.” Most of us go to a movie to laugh, to be moved or to be scared. We want an emotional response and some kind of satisfying closure. “Get Out” delivers on all cylinders. There’s not a wasted frame or moment.
January 08, 2018
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  • El Biffo's rating of the film Get Out

    3.6 Not my genre but this worked great for a movie date with my friend who doesn't watch films in black and white, or with subtitles. I really have to search for a film to watch with this friend. We also saw Carrie, Good Time, American Honey, Tangerine... so along with those films, this is one that makes it though the filters of two very different filmgoers and succeeds very well.

  • chanandre's rating of the film Get Out

    The insidiousness of prejudice, ethnic despise and contempt and a thought-provoking somewhere between soem of the best meta horror films of the 10s 'under the skin' and 'it follows' (and many a Lynch flicks) come to mind. i went back and forth with my rating. Still being haunted by this.

  • Salem Kapsaski's rating of the film Get Out

    Maybe my expectations were too high; but I felt deeply let down. It starts out with a decent build-up but quickly runs out of steam and offers no surprises. The script is nowhere near as smart or politically charged as people try to make it out. Predictable and bland. (2 stars)

  • Graveyard Poet's rating of the film Get Out

    The issue this film is attempting to confront (the hidden and submerged racism of neoliberal middle/upper class whites and the silencing of black voices) is relevant. The movie starts out promising (awkward dialogue and increasingly uncomfortable situations for the main character meeting the girlfriend's bizarre family) but, unfortunately, ends up over the top and ridiculous.

  • Lights in the Dusk's rating of the film Get Out

    Never quite betters its amazing prologue. Finding a balance between contemporary horror movie cliché & social satire, it creates a scene that is not only unnerving, but thought-provoking too. The main narrative flaunts its absurd sci-fi subtext as if trying to critique the genre itself, but while clever, funny & engaging throughout, the characters are two-dimensional & the ending lacks the courage of its convictions.

  • The Macho King's rating of the film Get Out

    2 1/2 stars. People bizarrely praise this film to no end and hold it in such high regard... and I don't get it. I can't shake the feeling that the film is trying to be more than when it actually is. Has it's moments here and there, but ultimately- it didn't have enough balls to go all the way. LilRel Howery is the only dope thing about this movie. Overall a one note, watch it once & then forget about it type of film.

  • Zac Weber's rating of the film Get Out

    The critique of white, neo-liberalism is generally spot on. Peele certainly has a distinct visual style - and I was particularly fond of the bedroom scene when Chris talks to Georgina, as well as the dutch camera angle deployed after Rose is shot. Perhaps the film is less absurd than some would like to believe. (look up the Tuskegee syphilis study)

  • Wee Hunk's rating of the film Get Out

    How do you make the distinction between racism, and just flat out ignorance? If you never came across a person from another race, there would naturally be questions that would make you look stupid. If you've never met a person from another race, why would you inherently believe them to inferior? Maybe if someone told you they were, or you were prone to stereotyping. But that's theoretical. These people were racist.

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