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Instrueret af Blake Edwards
USA, 1967


Peter Gunn investigates the murder of Scarlotti, a mobster who once saved the detective’s life. The primary suspect appears to be Fusco, who has taken over. Fusco gives Gunn a deadline to prove the mobster didn’t kill Scarlotti – or else Gunn will be killed.

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Gunn Instrueret af Blake Edwards


Gunn brings Blake Edwards full circle as a creative force in Hollywood filmmaking. Adapted from his own long-running television series, Gunn is the private-eye movie of the decade. (So much for Harper, which was more a big slip than a Big Sleep.) Some critics have complained that devotees of the video version would find nothing new in Peter Gunn’s screen reincarnation. This devotee of the video version found everything from the decor to the denouement brand new on the screen.
July 13, 1967
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