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Half Moon Street

Instrueret af Bob Swaim
Storbritannien, USA, 1986
Drama, Thriller


This offbeat drama focuses on the relationship between British diplomat Lord Bulbeck and Dr. Lauren Slaughter, an American political scholar by day and prostitute by night. The two meet at a party, and he soon becomes one of her regular clients.

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Half Moon Street Instrueret af Bob Swaim

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  • Mugino's rating of the film Half Moon Street

    How sad that only half of Paul Theroux's "Half Moon Street" should make it to the screen, but obviously Swaim was only attentive to the titillation of upscale sex. To quote the NYTimes review of "Doctor Slaughter", it's reduced to, "smart girls can be wild in bed, or smart girls aren't as smart as they think". Weaver and Caine deserved better.

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