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Instrueret af King Vidor
USA, 1929
Drama, Musical


In a juke joint, sharecropper Zeke falls for a beautiful dancer, Chick, but she’s only setting him up for a rigged craps game.

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Hallelujah! Instrueret af King Vidor

Priser & festivaler

Academy Awards

1930 | Kandidat: Best Director

National Board of Review

1929 | Vinder: Top Ten Films

National Film Preservation Board

2008 | Vinder: National Film Registry


The premise is from Emerson (“to take a master’s part in the music”), black voices on a jagged screen herald the remarkable flow of black images . . . Vidor’s holy rollers, as vibrant and full-bodied as Archibald Motley’s, one ethnographic tableau after another galvanized into furiously stylized motion. Faith and song of equal carnality comprise this folkloric deep South, where the swirling ecstasies of sex and Irving Berlin tunes mingle seamlessly with fervid spirituals.
November 21, 2016
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