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Head Against the Wall

La tête contre les murs

Instrueret af Georges Franju
Frankrig, 1959


Mocky plays François Gérane, an aimless young man whose delinquent tendencies cause his father to have him committed to a psychiatric ward. There, under the cold command of Dr. Varmont, he finds himself fighting for his dignity, sanity, and freedom.

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Head Against the Wall Instrueret af Georges Franju


The cards are so well shuffled that it is the first reality which takes place on the color of madness. By showing us his hero Géranne as a normal person, he convinces us more and more that he is really mad. Or vice versa. Roger Grenier’s magnificent book, Le Rôle d’accusé, is impossible to adapt to the screen; but the adaptation now exists, and it is called La Tête contre les murs.
March 25, 1959

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