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Instrueret af Michael Haneke
Frankrig, Østrig, 2005
Thriller, Drama, Mysterie


Georges, who hosts a TV literary review, receives anonymous packages containing videos of himself with his family, shot secretly from the street, and alarming, obscure drawings. There’s no commentary, no threats, but the message is clear: You’re being watched. Slowly, dark revelations come to light.

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Skjult Instrueret af Michael Haneke


Mr. Haneke is an Austrian often working in France, and his outsider status affords him a particularly harsh vantage. “Caché,” like “Code Unknown,” his film from 2000, is obliquely about the sins of French complacency. Its terror works as an existential mystery and, in its great final closing-credit sequence, something more conspiratorial and timely: Failure to reckon with the past allows a future generation to do the reckoning for itself.
November 27, 2015
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Often, a television set does not frame a tape, but Haneke’s camera occasionally pulls back to reveal Georges and Anne watching it on their TV. Due to the frequent lack of framing and other devices, the viewer questions who captures what and why. With CACHE, Haneke constructs a film in which we distrust him, and ultimately ourselves. Does an image hide its meaning from us? For Haneke, we must find what we hide from ourselves to see the world around us.
April 20, 2012
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