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Person to Person

Instrueret af Dustin Guy Defa
USA, 2017
Drama, Komedie


Follows a variety of New York characters as they navigate personal relationships and unexpected problems over the course of one day.

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Person to Person Instrueret af Dustin Guy Defa
There’s a purifying pleasure to it: The writing and performances delight in making us see who these characters are, merely by letting us tag along as they think and talk, shoot the shit, analyze each other, make amends, and whatever else. It’s a movie that, despite being set in my own time, makes me miss an era I wasn’t around to see—one that I only feel like I know because of movies like this.
August 31, 2017
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For a film so set on understatement, both comedic and dramatic, Person to Person is surprisingly affecting. Tender moments, like when one character does laundry for a depressed friend, or when a remorseful man apologizes to his girlfriend, are all the more touching because they come in the midst of so much insouciance. The dialogue is meandering and overwrought, in a way that will annoy some but makes a zinger really sing.
August 01, 2017
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Defa, a prolific director of short films making his first feature since 2011’s Bad Fever, has developed a feel for American eccentricity that brings to mind Jim Jarmusch and Richard Linklater in its best moments, albeit in a scruffier style… It’s a film of ephemeral pleasures, adorned in a rich variety of voices, non-verbal gestures, and speech patterns: unfussy, unrushed, at times very funny.
July 25, 2017
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