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In the White City

Dans la ville blanche

Instrueret af Alain Tanner
Storbritannien, Portugal, 1983


A Swiss sailor jumps ship in Lisbon, tired of the noisy engine room, the ship. He rents a room and does little. He writes letters to his lover, describing the whiteness of the city, the solitude and the silence. He sends his love and emptiness; she replies with love and confusion.

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In the White City Instrueret af Alain Tanner


The film is not a heavy experience, as Tanner drifts from one episode to another with the agility of his hero. This sense of openness is the flipside of the film’s rootless despair. Tanner understands how the anonymity of modern, urban life can lead to a loss of self, but he also recognizes the exciting possibilities of being a stranger.
June 22, 2018
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