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Inland Empire

Instrueret af David Lynch
USA, Polen, 2006
Drama, Mysterie, Avantgarde


En skuespillers fantasi begynder at gå amok i virkeligheden, efterhånden som hun indoptager den persona, hun skal spille i en film. Ting bliver mareridtsagtige, da hun finder ud af, at den oprindelige filmproduktion blev opgivet, fordi de to ledende skuespillere blev myrdet.

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Inland Empire Instrueret af David Lynch

Priser & festivaler

Venice Film Festival

2006 | Vinder: Future Film Festival Digital Award

Village Voice Film Poll

2006 | 2. plads: Best Actress

Indiewire Critics' Poll

2006 | 2. plads: Best Director

2006 | 3. plads: Best Lead Performance

2006 | Kandidat: Best Film

The spare wide shots are exactly that, filmed and edited with an exciting, gleeful indifference. On the other hand, its barrage of close-ups that make up the body of the film proper, as expressive and incorporeal as Dreyer’s in The Passion of Joan of Arc or Wiseman’s in The Last Letter, strip INLAND EMPIRE of signifiers. The close-ups move closer to faces than almost ever before, and their DV blurriness creates its own effect.
December 22, 2015
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An experience of total immersion and continual slippage, it feels like the product of a sustained, unedited brainstorming.
November 03, 2015
Even more directly than Mulholland Drive, Inland Empire is about the film industry’s dark underbelly — how people are used and rejected by it. Lynch’s treatment of Hollywood is even more excoriating, its descent darker and more surreal… Inland Empire requires more work on the part of the viewer to decipher its goings on than either of its two predecessors [of the Los Angeles trilogy], dealing as it does in vague dialogue like this, but in some ways it’s also the most rewarding.
October 08, 2014
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