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La jetée

Instrueret af Chris Marker
Frankrig, 1962
Romantik, Sci-Fi, Kortfilm


En indflydelsesrig og radikal fransk sci-fi fra 1962. Den er konstrueret nærmest udelukkende ud fra stille billeder og fortæller historien om post-atom krig eksperiment i en tidsrejse.

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La jetée Instrueret af Chris Marker
There is the film that gets my vote for the greatest short film ever made, and which for some reason is never discussed as a horror film. La Jetée, Chris Marker’s structurally adventurous, aesthetically sublime 1962 dispatch from the margins of the French New Wave is often referred to as science fiction, and it has all the hallmarks. Yet for this viewer at least, those generic touchstones—time travel, post-apocalypse, fiendish experiments, existential terror—read just as easily as horrific.
October 25, 2016
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It’s somewhere in between the photographic and the cinematic that the singular effect of La Jetée is crafted. Marker’s subtraction of cinema’s ostensibly essential kernel, the moving image, has the effect of making the film’s viewer uncannily sensible to the fact of watching a film, of getting marked by it, and moving with it.
August 03, 2016
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This half-hour-long stunner still haunts us as a marvel of deceptive simplicity. Which isn’t to say it’s deceitful. But, to quote the narrator, “images begin to ooze like confessions.” Here again is Marker the cunning self-abstractionist. Yes, this is a movie full of great sci-fi stuff—time-travel, apocalypse, cosmic desire—but at its core is a delicious and doomed romance.
May 03, 2016
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