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The Bridge of Arts

Le Pont des Arts

Instrueret af Eugène Green
Frankrig, 2004
Avantgarde, Drama, Musik


Paris i de sene 1970’ere. To misfornøjede og desillusionerede gymnasiestuderende finder hinanden, netop idet de er ved at lægge deres tidligere forhold og fremtidsplaner bag sig.

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The Bridge of Arts Instrueret af Eugène Green
It is this transparency and directness between the heart and mind in attaining enlightened beauty – the ideal of reaching the sublime by breaking free from the laws of logical thought – that is ultimately encapsulated in the transcendent and rapturous encounter between the star-crossed lovers on the momentous Bridge of Arts: an Orphic transfiguration that exists beyond the metaphysical realities of time and space, a convergence towards the unfathomable infinity of the human soul.
January 13, 2007
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Le pont des Arts is still Green’s magnum opus precisely because of how profoundly dialectical an object it is—a sprawling and all-encompassing volley of polemical thesis statements as articulate as they are self-refuting. Though contradiction is patently Green’s “thing,” the film bears the marks of an artist wavering on the passions to which he’s devoted his entire life, and it’s his only film to come close to matching the excess of the Baroque style.
September 06, 2014
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The scene [where the group rehearses Lamento della Ninfa] radiates bodily a spiritual empathy with the music that is as triumphantly exquisite and moving as cinema can be… The film is beautiful and strange, funny and spiritual, but also mystifying; paradoxically, it may be the very undefinable nature of Green’s style and appreciation that makes this film, and his others so compelling. They catch one constantly off guard, in a wonderful way.
January 07, 2008
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