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London Road

Instrueret af Rufus Norris
Storbritannien, 2015
Eventyr, Musical, Mysterie


Set in Ipswich, 2006–2008, London Road chronicles the reactions of the real-life residents of London Road when they discover five sex workers have been murdered by their neighbour, Steve Wright.

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London Road Instrueret af Rufus Norris

Priser & festivaler

London Critics Circle Film Awards

2016 | Vinder: British/Irish Actor of the Year

2016 | Kandidat: British/Irish Film of the Year

Here, as onstage, the musical stylization of every conversational line — with pauses, inflections and imperfections left precisely intact — transmutes the mundane into the unexpectedly poetic. Repetition and progression are key… Still, for all its technical proficiency, “London Road” somehow feels less vividly realized than it did onstage.
September 15, 2016
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Although I’m hesitant to guess about this because I have never seen this musical on stage—I would imagine that seeing this story unfold beneath a proscenium arch would tend to minimize the artificiality of the construct rather than foreground it. The latter is unfortunately the case with the movie version, a slate-colored ensemble shot on location with key participants or “witnesses” often posed like figures in a TV news interview or an old-fashioned documentary film.
September 09, 2016
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Once you get used to the film’s most potent strategy — the incantatory repetition of dialogue in song and sing-song — it takes on the cadence of hypnotic poetry, a Greek chorus that picks out a billowing unease that only begins to spread following a trial verdict that was meant to bring closure.
September 08, 2016
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