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Low Down

Instrueret af Jeff Preiss
USA, 2014
Biografi, Drama, Musik


Based on Amy Jo Albany’s memoir, Low Down explores her heart-wrenching journey to adulthood while being raised by her father, bebop pianist Joe Albany, as he teeters between incarceration and addiction in the urban decay and waning bohemia of Hollywood in the 1970s.

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Low Down Instrueret af Jeff Preiss

Priser & festivaler

Sundance Film Festival

2013 | Vinder: Excellence in Cinematography Award (U.S. Dramatic Competition)

2014 | Vinder: Dramatic (Cinematography Award)

Karlovy Vary International Film Festival

2014 | Vinder: Best Actress


Served by elegant performances (John Hawkes as Joe, Elle Fanning as Amy, Glenn Close as Joe’s mother), Low Down is a love story between father and daughter, fraught with heartbreak, separation, misunderstanding and disappointment. The dimly lit interiors, cramped and cluttered rooms, back alleys and dives are more evocative of the heroine’s memories than of “the real life” of Joe Albany.
March 23, 2014
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Jeff Preiss’s Low Down is sensitively acted by Elle Fanning as a daughter devoted to her drug-addicted, jazz-musician dad, and John Hawkes as the father who adores her but can’t kick his habit. Beautifully shot on celluloid, the film is an homage to the fading L.A. bohemia of the Seventies, but the narrative lacks energy, or maybe it’s too honest in its representation of heroin-colored subjectivity for its own good.
March 05, 2014
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The film as a whole has an oddly shapeless feel; it doesn’t so much flow from one scene to the next as lurch spasmodically, and it lacks a clear point of view… It’s also a good 10-15 minutes too long. Preiss may have been trying to infuse “Low Down” with the feeling of jazz — with unpredictable, ever-shifting rhythms — but he only partly succeeds. He’s made a good movie with a better one trapped somewhere inside.
January 20, 2014
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