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Masculin Féminin

Masculin féminin: 15 faits précis

Instrueret af Jean-Luc Godard
Frankrig, Sverige, 1966
Drama, Romantik


Jean-Pierre Léaud spiller en egensindig ung mand ved navn Paul i dette portræt af den politisk mindede musik-besatte parisiske ungdom (eller “børn af Marx og Coca-Cola,” som instruktøren har kaldt dem.)

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Masculin Féminin Instrueret af Jean-Luc Godard

Priser & festivaler

Berlin International Film Festival

1966 | 2 vindere including: Best Actor (Silver Berlin Bear)

1966 | Hædrende omtale: Interfilm Award

Unlike Vivre sa vie, Masculine Feminine was filmed with an unadorned directness that looked the performers in the face as if in discussion with them… Where the camera moves in Vivre sa vie called attention to themselves, now the style of filming emphasized the performers. If Vivre sa vie, with its elaborate text, was something of an oratorio, Masculine Feminine, with its largely improvised dialogue, was more of a work of journalism.
May 13, 2007
As in Vivre sa vie (1962), but more rigorously, Godard tries out all the available techniques (long takes versus extensive editing, static camera versus moving camera) as he experiments with different ways of rendering the verbal exchanges between his characters––demonstrating that truth can never be simply filmed in a singular, transparent way, while trying, all the same, to reach and express that truth through a mosaic or collage structure.
September 19, 2005
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An explosion of youth and freshness, from a time when anything seemed possible? The snappiest piece of intellectual pop cinema ever made? Yes, Jean-Luc Godard’s Masculin féminin is these things. But watching the movie now, 39 years after it was made, I’m struck most by its sadness, its harshness, and its pessimism.
March 11, 2005
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